About Us

Old n Dazed is a locally owned and operated, family run business. Located at 70 Hammond Ave Wagga Wagga, we are a father and son team who design and make all our metal art onsite at Old n Dazed. Old n Dazed offers a wide range of unique and impressive metal art. From wall art to garden art to signage, the Old n Dazed team can bring sophistication and charm to your property.

The award winning products offered by Old n Dazed are Australian made and manufactured locally in Wagga. Just some of the metal wall art on offer from Old n Dazed includes animal and bird designs, car, truck, and motorbike inspired art, shed signs, welcome signs, and hanging pieces. You can also get garden art, including bird baths, metal flowers, fire pits, and animal garden spikes. Choose from items under $30 or explore large features that can transform your garden.

The property signs available from Old n Dazed are perfect for your shed, your man cave or your rustic accommodation. Old n Dazed can also manufacture personalised, custom made signs that are the perfect addition to your property or gift for your family. Explore the Old n Dazed range, shop online, or visit the team in Wagga.

Shop open to the public 7 days a week. Public Holidays Closed. The odd occasion we close early or not open, it's due to being a family run business. If Travelling a quick call to double check we are open or might be able to arrange to be open.

Monday to Saturday 9am to 4pm

Sundays 9am to 2pm